Tips on saving energy in the winter

//Tips on saving energy in the winter

Here are some tips from Wolverine Building Company on saving energy in Michigan’s cold winters!

•Add additional attic insulation.  Homes built prior to 1980 in Michigan are by most statistics under insulated and your heat is rising through the ceiling then the roof and into the night sky because of a lack of insulation in the attic. If you live in the counties of Oakland, Macomb or Wayne and have less than 12 inches of insulation in your attic area you are probably in need more.

•You Should Always Warm Yourself Before The Entire House
Put on a sweater or grab a blanket before you head towards the dial. Each degree you lower the temperature you end up saving 3% on your Michigan energy bill.

•Have Your Humidifier On Whenever Possible
It’s not the heat that hurts the comfort level, it’s the humidity, and if your furnace doesn’t have a built- in humidifier then we recommend that you use a portable humidifier in frequently used areas such as the bedroom and living room, game rooms and TV rooms. The additional moisture will help control your comfort level throughout your entire house.

Michigan Winter Energy Savings Help

•Make Sure You Have a Programmable Thermostat
Heating the home when no one is there makes no sense.  Having a programmable thermostat can allow you to set times to control the heat when you’re on your way home and then tapering down after you leave.  A great tip is by turning down your thermostat from 72º to 65º for 8 hours a day allows you to save as much as 10% on your 2011 Michigan heating and cooling costs. If done immediately, the cost of a typical programmable thermostat, which is around $30, will be saved within one year of Michigan weather.

•When You Wake Up Walk Around And Let Some Sun In
Make sure you try to open up window shades on the south and west side of your home during the day to get maximum benefit of the solar rays from the sun, and then close them at night. Most of Michigan and specifically homeowners living in the Oakland, Macomb Or Wayne County areas, have single strength glass windows.  We recommend replacing them with a double strength glass window and as well there are many options of glazing  to help reflect the heat back into the room during the cold Michigan winter months. (Go Red Wings!)

•Can’t Afford New Windows
If you are like many of southeast Michigan’s homeowners and don’t have the money to buy new windows, then we recommend that you cover them with your storm windows if you have them.  If not, then go to your local hardware or big box outlet and get the easy-to-install winter window kits. Savings of up to 20% on your Michigan home heating bill will come in handy!

•Make Sure You Change Your Furnace Filters More Often
Living in Michigan you can save as much as 10% by cleaning your air registers, heater area, and radiators as needed by changing the furnace filters monthly. You can also use a multiple filter system of swapping out two replaceable and washable filters (about $20 each). They can last up to five years with proper care.

•Seal Your Ducts And Close Vents
The most effective way to save energy here in southeast Michigan is to only heat your living areas and not your attic or unused basement. In a recent consumer study most homes in the Midwest region have open unused heating and cooling vents. Check your ducts for leaks of air and if possible use duct tape to fix separations and use insulated duct if you’re replacing them.

•Seal And Plug The Drafts
You need to seal and plug the drafts first and foremost, and your first lines of defense is caulk and foam. Make to sure to seal all cracks and fill any holes.

•Close The Vents In Unused Rooms
In today’s homes with more square footage and more energy-efficient heaters, we recommend closing unused living spaces vents to save on Michigan energy costs.

Call Wolverine Building Company  in Macomb Township, Macomb County today and have one of our licensed building professionals come out for a free consultation on how you can utilize these tips to save you money this winter!


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