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A change of scenery can work wonders for a commercial space, be it an office building, a restaurant or a retail store. Maybe your business is growing and your commercial space needs to expand or grow with it.

Even if you are thinking of downsizing, commercial remodeling may be the key to making the most of an existing facility so you don’t have to relocate or sell your current commercial space.

Wolverine Building Company can help you expand an office space, change the layout of a building or restaurant, and even inject new life into an old facility or adapt a design to a new business.

Finished Basements

Many homeowners with young children or teenagers opt to finish their basements in order to create a game room or media room for their children. Basement bars can make get-togethers and holiday parties fun for adults. Wolverine Building Company will work within your budget to expand your living space for year-round recreational entertainment.

Kitchen Remodeling

Everyone is remodeling their kitchen these days! Not only will remodeling your kitchen increase the resale value of your house, but imagine how refreshing it will feel to step into your brand new kitchen each morning. In fact, you may even look for excuses to be in your kitchen once it is remodeled.

Wolverine Building Company will help you decide what characteristics of your kitchen you’d like to change. Perhaps you hate that your dishwasher and sink are on opposite sides of the kitchen and would prefer that they be adjacent to one another. Or, maybe you’re considering incorporating a Sub Zero refrigerator in to your kitchen remodel design because your family has grown in numbers since you purchased your home.

The design team at Wolverine Building Company will give your kitchen the facelift it needs. Changing flooring, cabinets and countertops could be all you need to achieve the look that you desire for your kitchen. There are all sorts of creative ways to incorporate tons of added storage without compromising the integrity of your new kitchen design.