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Tips on getting an estimate to renovate your home

Home addition estimates in southeast Michigan are tricky business. Truth be told, there are too many variables involved in a major remodeling project or room addition for any Michigan building contractor to provide a specific square foot price ahead of time, and all free building estimates should be considered just that: estimates. Not only must [...]

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Here are some tips on home bathroom design

     The first thing to do before you start a new home bathroom design is to picture how you want it to look.  Imagine yourself in a nice calming environment.  What do you see?   Do you see the ocean?   Perhaps a nice field of green grass?   Whatever it may be, think about it while designing your bathroom, [...]

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Tips on saving energy in the winter

Here are some tips from Wolverine Building Company on saving energy in Michigan's cold winters! •Add additional attic insulation.  Homes built prior to 1980 in Michigan are by most statistics under insulated and your heat is rising through the ceiling then the roof and into the night sky because of a lack of insulation in [...]

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